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Issue 11 is out now!

Issue 11

A New World, A New You

by Dr Yue Zhuang

When studying languages, we often hear that language is a "tool of communication". This simple definition threatens our desire to learn languages. As a tool, language skills may be replaced by machines, especially with ever more powerful computer technologies. That is why we have seen a drop in learning languages in schools and universities in this country.

Plus an interview with Channel Four journalist Sarah Gough

Año Nuevo, ¿lugar nuevo?

By Serena Sawyer and translated by Serena Sawyer

Enero - La Navidad ha terminado y estamos de vuelta al trabajo. Para la mayoría de nosotros, puede ser un mes miserable, con el tercer lunes etiquetado como “Blue Monday" o “el lunes más triste del año" por razones obvias. Para animarnos, miles de nosotros reservamos en Año Nuevo nuestras escapadas de verano, anhelando unos días más soleados.


La reacción de la prensa española al anuncio del Príncipe Harry y Meghan Markle

By Miranda Sandy and translated by Anna Assens Gonzalez

Solo 12 países en Europa –alrededor de un cuarto de los países– mantienen aún una monarquía, España incluida. Por lo tanto es interesante comparar la opinión de la prensa española sobre los recientes acontecimientos alrededor de la soberanía inglesa con la del resto del mundo. En un país con otra familia real, ¿hay más compasión hacia las personas que viven sus vidas a la vista de todos sin elección?


L’Alba di un nuovo decennio: dagli occhi di una studentessa Erasmus

By Harriet Lord

Per molti di noi studenti universitari, la transizione verso il 2020 segna il primo memorabile inizio di un nuovo decennio. Certo, se ci provo posso ricordare l'inizio del 2010, ma a soli 11 anni per me non aveva alcun significato. Ora, dieci anni dopo, a metà del mio anno di studio all'estero, in Italia, vorrei fermarmi un momento per valutare cosa significa il nuovo decennio per me e per gli altri.


A New Year message from the editor


Hello All!


Firstly, I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the year. I cannot quite believe that it is already nearly March. I truly believe that this edition presents a wonderful and vibrant start to the year with articles approaching all kinds of interesting themes from New Year thoughts to the Royal Family. This 11th edition certainly fills me with anticipation and excitement for the New Year as, along with some of our writers, I too will be embarking on a year abroad and it was wonderful reading some of our writers' experiences and aspirations. Despite being the 11th edition of The Language Exepress, it is the second edition where parallel texts have been published alongside some of the originals and I would like to commend all our translators and proofreaders who allow this to happen, you are amazing. In addition, this time I have contributed my own article in the form of an interview with a past student and current journalist at Channel Four News Sarah Gough. It was incredible hearing Sarah's perspective of the world of journalism and I hope it inspires you as much as it did me. A great way to kick off the New Year and I urge you all to make the most of the opportunities that are out there because after reading this edition I certainly feel inspired.


Best wishes,

The FLC Team x







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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the ninth edition of our newspaper! You all make it happen

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