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At the beginning of May, I and my friends from Rokeby School were enjoying  a beautiful trip to the  Exeter University. In the morning we got up very early because we had a train to catch at 8am. It was a wonderful journey by train. I've seen plenty of beautiful landscapes on the road. When we got there I saw a big signboard - Exeter University. We entered the main building and the language tutors greeted us, introduced themselves and talked  about the university. After that we split into two big groups and went to two different classes. There we found out many things we did not know about certain languages ​​before. Tutors have taught us new things about four different languages: Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. It was very interesting.


After all we learned about languages ​​we had a 1 hour break. We ate our lunch and charged our phones well for our  3 hours trip back. When the lunch was over the best students at Exeter presented the surroundings. It was an amazing sight with lots of green trees and flowers that had just blossomed. The scent of unblemished flowers made me remember the country I came from and the smell of flowers in the grandmother's garden.


Exeter University seemed to me a place where I would love to study, but I know I have to work very hard to get there which for me is a motivation. We said good-bye to the students and tutors of Exeter, and  went home tired but overfilled with a joy . Exeter is a very good University and I hope one day I will be there!


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